Fuel System Basics

Class details:

Available Sessions* Location Instructor
Thursday, January 30, 6:30 pm DBX Hub Larry Jenk
Friday, January 31, 5:00 pm DBX Hub Larry Jenk
Saturday, February 1, 12:30 pm DBX Hub Larry Jenk
Sunday, February 2, 2:00 pm DBX Hub Larry Jenk

Class description:

About Larry Jenk

Larry Jenk has worked as a master service technician in the marine industry for more than 45 years. Working in both dealerships and on the road as a mobile service technician, he’s encountered, diagnosed and solved nearly every boat problem imaginable. Larry uses his expertise to educate boaters on how best to maintain and care for their boats, with an emphasis on basic, simple ways to keep a boat in ship-shape, ready to enjoy on the water.

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